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Christopher MacKechnie

What Do We Do With Bus Drivers Who Do Not Put a Lot of Effort Into Their Job?

By October 26, 2010

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There has been a lot of talk lately about firing lazy teachers who do not put much effort into their jobs and do not educate their students well.  What about bus drivers who do not put much effort into their jobs?

Bus driving seems like an easy job for those who have never done it; people who have done it, like myself, know it is much more difficult than it looks.  You have to combine driving a large vehicle that takes a long time to stop with superlative customer service directed at people whom most of the time do not want to be on the bus.

Many bus drivers succeed at the difficult task of driving safely, staying ontime, and answering passengers questions and comments with a smile.  But some people do not.  Due to some combination of lack of skill and lack of effort, some drivers meander down the road constantly late.  They frustrate both the passengers, who are made late, and other bus drivers who may have to deal with a large influx of passengers as a result of the other driver's lack of effort.

These drivers also frustrate people in scheduling, such as myself.  It is impossible to give them enough additional time for them to actually arrive at their timepoints on time, yet not making the attempt portrays the scheduling department in a negative light for poor ontime performance.

Many of these drivers always come to work, never get into any accidents, and never generate any complaints.  Because they are breaking no rules, these drivers, like teachers, can drive for years before retirement.  Is there a way we can gently coax them into considering different employment?


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