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Public Transport October 2010 Archive


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The Importance of Ontime Performance

Wednesday October 27, 2010
Jarrett Walker, who runs a blog I really respect - Human Transit - has a recent post calling into question the value of on-time performance. He ... Read More

What Do We Do With Bus Drivers Who Do Not Put a Lot of Effort Into Their Job?

Tuesday October 26, 2010
There has been a lot of talk lately about firing lazy teachers who do not put much effort into their jobs and do not educate their students well.  ... Read More

Increasing the Number of Transit Ticket Vendors as a Key to Transit Improvement

Monday October 18, 2010
I was talking with a friend of mine today and the topic of transit came up. He asked me if I knew the single most important reason why ... Read More

Lighting at Bus Stops

Wednesday October 13, 2010
One overlooked aspect of bus stop appearance is how well the stop is lighted at night. Although the majority of time is spent considering passengers who use transit ... Read More

On the Marketing Aspects of Transit-Operated Shuttle Service

Sunday October 3, 2010
On Friday I had the pleasure of attending a Tom Petty concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.  Due to limited parking at the venue itself, the Hollywood Bowl ... Read More

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