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Christopher MacKechnie

Christopher MacKechnie

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Christopher MacKechnie was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada and grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, MI. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. He knew ever since his grandfather took him on bus rides at age four that he would end up with a career in transit.


MacKechnie was a part time bus driver for ten years when he was completing his various degrees at the University of Michigan. Since then he has worked for various large transit systems in the Los Angeles region in a planning and scheduling capacity. He is also active in local transit advocacy groups, and has maintained an impressive bus schedule and map collection since he was a child.


MacKechnie received dual bachelor degrees in Biology and English at the University of Michigan. He next earned a law degree at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada and finally a master degree in urban planning from the University of Michigan.

By Christopher MacKechnie:

Transit is my life and passion, and I would like nothing more than to inspire something similar in you! To contact me please email publictransport@aboutguide.com .

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