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Transit Pictures from the San Francisco Bay Area


Transit options are very extensive (and very varied) in the San Francisco Bay area. They range from the 227 million annual passengers carried by San Francisco Muni and the almost 115 million passengers carried by BART to the many smaller agencies operated in the area. In fact, the around thirty different transit providers in the bay area often compete with each other and in general make life confusing for the transit patron. Sadly, the economic downturn has affected transit in the bay area as much as anywhere else; AC Transit of Oakland, Samtrans of San Mateo County, and the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority of San Jose have all had to severely cut service in recent years. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission, which realizes the inefficiencies generated by having so many small transit systems, has attempted to consolidate them in recent years to no avail at this point.
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Muni Trolley Bus Market StreetMuni Driver ConcentratingMuni ArticulatedMuni Articulated Market Street
Market Street Historic Streetcar 1Interior of BART CarHistoric Streetcar at Fishermens WharfHistoric Streetcar 3
Cable Car 2Cable Car 1BART at SFO 1BART 4
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