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Profiles of Transit Systems and People

How well your local transit system serving the public? Which cities should you live in if you decide to save money and benefit the environment by going car free? What are some of the books you should be reading to keep up on public transit trends? Find out in this category.

Trnaist 101 - What Makes a Good Transit System?
This article examines what makes a good transit system.

The History of Transit
A very brief history of transit!

Ease of Going Car Free: Examination of U.S. and Canadian Cities Over 1,000,000
This list describes how each of the U.S. and Canadian Cities Over 1,000,000 fare in terms of ease of going without a car.

Cities With the Best and Worst Transit Systems
A review of two cities with the best transit systems and two cities with the worst transit systems.

Profile of New York MTA
Overview of New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority, including facts about ridership, the network, funding, and future transit projects.

Los Angeles Metro Profile
This is a profile of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Profile of the Bus Riders Union
A profile of the Bus Riders Union, a citizens activist group bases in Los Angeles.

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Overview
An overview of the Toronto Transit Commission, including information about the network, funding, and projects.

Transit In Detroit
This article goes over the public transit options available in the Motor City, including a description of the network, funding, fares, and planned projects.

Transit Organizations: APTA
The first in a series of articles about important transit organizations.

Transit Organizations: Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
A profile of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA)

Profile of Long Beach Transit in California
A profile of Long Beach Transit in California

Transit in Ann Arbor, MI: A Tale of Two Providers
A description of transit in Ann Arbor, MI.

Transit in Sydney, Australia
This article describes transit in Sydney, Australia and lessons that North American transit operators can learn from Sydney.

Transit In Melbourne
A review of transit in Melbourne.

Las Vegas's Regional Transportation Commission
Overview of Las Vegas's Regional Transportation Commission, including facts about ridership, the network, funding; and an overview of future transit projects.

Transit in Pittsburgh
This article examines transit in Pittsburgh, including the network, fares, funding, projects, and outlook for the future.

Transit In the Seattle - Tacoma Metropolitan Area
This article examines the public transit situation in the Seattle - Tacoma area, including information about the network, fares, funding sources, and future projects.

Transit In Phoenix, Arizona
A profile of transit in Phoenix, AZ.

Transit In Denver
This article examines public transportation in Denver, Colorado.

Lessons Learned: Sequoia Shuttle
This is an overview of the Sequoia Shuttle, a partnership between the National Park Service and Visalia Transit which connects the city of Visalia, CA to Sequoia National Park.

Lessons Learned: The Story of the ParkLINK Shuttle
This is an overview of the ParkLINK Shuttle, which was a service that connected the various tourist attractions of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in Malibu, CA.

A Review of Driving Excellence

Transit in San Diego, California
A review of transit in San Diego.

Profile of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
A profile of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA).

Review of the Acela Express
A review and profile of the Acela Express, an Amtrak train that is America's only kind of high speed train.

National Transit Database
Home page of the National Transit Database, which has extensive statistics about every transit system in the United States.

Transit in San Francisco
A review of transit in San Francisco.

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