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How to Market Transit

Look through this category if you would like to read articles on how transit systems can attract more passengers. Included are articles which examine how the name and how the services are branded can affect ridership; UPASS and other eco pass programs, where an organization pays for the right to have their employees ride for free; and other pieces. Overall, I argues the key to increasing ridership is to stop treating your system like a government agency and start treating it like a business.

Transit 101: Answering the Question: "Why Are All the Buses Empty?"
This article provides some answers to the question: "why are all the buses empty?"

Eight Reasons Why People Stop Using Public Transit
This article reviews a journal article that elucidated eight reasons why people stop using transit and made recommendations to overcome those reasons.

What Effect Will Uber, Lyft, Side Car, etc. Have on Transit?
An examination of the effect that transportation network companies such as Uber and Lyft will have on transit.

How Can We Get Seniors to Take Transit More?
This article examines how we can get seniors to take transit more by examining eight reasons why seniors do not take transit and making suggestions as to how transit agencies can respond to those reasons.

How To Make Transit Part of Your Life: Part I: Why Take Transit?
In this article I go over some of the compelling reasons to take transit more.

The Importance of Complaints and How to Handle Them
A review of the importance of passenger complaints and how to handle them.

Five Tips to Save Money By Avoiding Renting a Car While on Vacation
This article shares five tips to save money by avoiding renting a car while on vacation.

Six Tips For Promoting Public Transportation: Marketing Your System
These are six basic tips to keep in mind while marketing your public transportation system.

Planning Your First Transit Trip
Transit systems could use this article to help people who have never ridden on transit plan their first transit trip.

UPASS Programs : An Overview
An overview of UPASS programs and their benefits to both the transit system and the university.

Does Transit (and Should Transit) Focus on Frequent or Occasional Passengers?
This article asks is transit focuses on frequent or occasional passengers more and argues that in the long run transit needs to focus on occasional passengers more.

A Review of Embarq Corporation's Article About Transit Marketing
A review of Embarq corporation's recent article about how to improve transit ridership through marketing tools. Some of the tools include build a strong brand and identity, value internal communication, educate the users of your system early and often, provide simple but informative maps and schedules, tailor marketing messages to specific...

The Branding and Marketing of Transit Systems Part I, The Name
This article examines the importance of the name to a transit system's identity, and goes through a list of good and bad transit agency names and what makes each one good or bad. Finally, it suggests setting up an outlet through which transit agencies can see branded product.

The Branding and Marketing of Transit Systems Part II, The Network
This article explores three different ways that public transport systems have attempted to brand their system networks in an effort to make them simpler and easier to us by the public.

Should We Charge for Printed Transit Route and Schedule Information?
This article examines the question of whether we should charge for printed transit route and schedule information such as maps and timetables and concludes that we should.

Transit Network Map Design
This article looks at the design of the transit network map, which is one of the most important planning documents that a transit agency can have. After three historical trends in map design are discussed, the article examines potential future directions.

A New Kind of Transit Passenger - the Green-Passenger
Recently a new kind of transit passenger has emerged - the "green" passenger. Read more about them in this article.

Transit Advocacy Groups: How to Make a Difference
Learn how you can make a difference in your transit system even if you do not work for the local transit agency.

Transit Advocates and Transit Professionals
This article defines transit advocates and transit professionals and examines how the two groups can better communicate.

The Effect that Young People Not Receiving Their Driver Licenses Will Have
This article describes the effect that the ever decreasing number of young people with driver licenses will have on transportation and public transit.

Public Transit In Movies
This article looks at how public transit has been depicted in movies.

Transit Myths Part I
Six transit myths debunked!

How Transit Benefits Those Who Do Not Ride It
This article examines how transit benefits those who do not ride it as reported by Weyrich and Lind in their book Moving Minds - Conservatives and Public Transportation.

Debunking Transit Myths Part II
Six more transit myths debunked!

TCRP Report 50 - A Handbook of Proven Marketing Strategies for Public Transit
This report features a series of successful marketing campaigns conducted by transit agencies in the United States.

Operating Special Service
A review of special service (unscheduled service operating on special routes to concerts, baseball games, and other events) and how operating special service can help transit agencies market their system and boost the morale of their drivers.

Transit Enthusiasts and When Good Transit Fans Go Bad
This article is about transit enthusiasts and when they let their enthusiasm go a little too far.

How Can We Use Transit to Promote Better Public Health?
How can we use transit to promote better public health? This article provides some suggestions.

Holiday Gift Guide for Transit Enthusiasts
What to buy your transit enthusiast for Christmas!

Transit Museums
A review of transit museums.

Why Is Transit Better in Europe and Asia?
This article explains why transit is better in Europe and Asia than it is in the United States.

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