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All About Transit Employment

What are my career options in transit? In addition to being a bus driver or a mechanic, there are many jobs out there that you may not know about. What are some of the unique working conditions you encounter in transit? How do unions affect how this field operates? This category will answer all of the above questions and many more.

How Do I Become a Transit Planner or Bus Scheduler?
This article describes two ways in which you can land a transit planning or bus scheduling job.

What Will the Effect of Legalizing Marijuana Be on Transit?
This article examines what the possible effect of Washington State and Colorado legalizing marijuana will be on transit.

Commercial Driver License (CDL) Medical Requirements
An overview of the medical requirements for the Commercial Driver License (CDL).

How Do Bus Drivers Pick What Routes They Drive?
This article describes how bus drivers pick what routes they drive and how the way in which they pick their routes helps us improve our transit system.

Bus Driver Health
This article describes the unhealthy nature of bus driving and makes three recommendations to improve bus driver health.

Thoughts on the BART Strike and Transit Strikes In General
Some thoughts I have on the BART strike and transit strikes in general.

Transit 101: Extra Board Operators
This article describes extra board operators. Extra board operators fill in for regular bus drivers when the regular drivers are sick or on vacation.

Three Ways to Improve Recruitment of Bus Drivers
This article describes the requirements of being a bus driver and how transit agencies could improve the recruitment of bus drivers by relaxing some of the requirements.

Five Top Employment Issues
This list describes the five top employment issues in the transit industry. They are: absenteeism, workers compensation, interactions between drivers and passengers, split shifts, and employee breaks.

Contracting Out of Public Transit - Types of and Advantages and Disadvantages
This article describes the two possible ways that transit authorities could contract out to private operators - just contract out operations or contract out planning and operations - and the advantages and disadvantages of each in comparison with public sector operation.

Contracting Out Bus Service: What Factors Are Needed For Success?
Contracting out of public services is all the rage right now. This article describes factors needed for success of public transit contracting out, and some factors that suggest that contracting out transit service to a private operator may fail.

Contracting Out: How Common Is It and What Are the Financial Effects?
This article describes how common the contracting out (or privatization) of public transit operations has become and the cost savings of privatization of transit service.

Becoming a Bus Driver: From the Initial Testing to Continuing Education
This article goes over in

Three Union Work Rules That Increase the Cost of Operating Transit
Here I describe three union work rules that increase the cost of operating transit, and conclude that eliminating the rules would make transit more economically efficient without affecting the wages or benefits of the bus drivers.

Transit 101: Pay to Platform Ratio
This article explains the importance of the pay to platform ratio and explains how reducing it will save transit agencies money.

Transit Talent
Probably the best website for finding transit jobs, Transit Talent also has daily transit news from across the country.

Transit Job Finder
Another site dedicated to postings of transit jobs.

United Transportation Union
The homepage of the United Transportation Union, one of the biggest public transportation employee unions.

Amalgamated Transit Union
Homepage of the Amalgamated Transit Union, one of the largest public transportation employee unions in the country.

Three Essential Transit Jobs
These are three jobs that every transit system should have but that some people do not know exist.

New Jersey Transit Elimination of Free Rides
This article describes the shortsighted decision of New Jersey Transit to eliminate free rides for non-union employees (elimination of free rides for union employees awaits contract negotiations)

So You Want to Operate Your Own Transit System?
This article examines how the private sector could get involved in transit in ways other than bidding on operation of transit agency planned bus routes.

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