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Transit Infrastructure

Pictures and best practices about bus stop design and placement, shelters, stations, bus garages, and more.

All About Rail
Climb aboard for information about all aspects of rail transportation!

All About Buses
Everything you would like to know about buses in one convenient location.

Transit 101
A compilation of articles describing basic (but important) transit terms.

Subway Signals
An article describing what the different signal lights you will see looking out the front of a subway train mean.

Eminent Domain and Public Transit
This article examines the use of eminent domain in public transit.

High Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lanes and Transit
This article examines HOT lanes, debunks two major arguments against them, and explains how revenues from HOT lanes can be used to improve transit.

How Have High Occupancy Toll Lanes (HOT) Been Doing?
This article follows up on an earlier article by examining more closely how HOT lanes have been performing.

Transit Priority Measures - the Bus Bulb
This article describes an up and coming transit priority measure that has the potential to speed up local bus service - the bus bulb.

Transit 101: Transit Centers
This article describes the advantages and disadvantages of off-street transit centers and concludes that if used correctly they can improve the transit experience for passengers in small to medium sized cities, but space limitations prevent effective usage in large cities with the most robust transit systems.

Transit 101: Transit Malls
This article describes transit malls and what makes them successful or unsuccessful.

Locating Bus Garages
Have you ever wanted to know how bus garages and rail yards are placed and how many vehicles can be stored in each one? Then this article is for you.

Park and Ride Lots
An article about park and ride lots that describes their need, the last mile problem, proper placement, transit oriented development, and whether we should charge for parking.

The Two Methods of Subway Construction
This article describes the two basic methods of building a subway.

TCRP Guidelines for the Location and Design of Bus Stops
TCRP Report 19 is from 1996 but is still a good place to go for American transit system best practices in the location and design of bus stops.

TCRP Report 65: Evaluation of Bus Bulbs
Bus bulbs or bulb-outs are extensions of the sidewalk that allow the bus to stop in the traffic lane and thus avoid delays pulling out into traffic from the parking lane. In addition, bulbs sometimes allow for the location of transit infrastructure such as shelters that due to lack of space may not otherwise be able to be placed at the stop. This TCRP report examines their current performance and has recommendations on when to place them.

Learn what goes into making a perfect bus stop here.
An article which describe the aspects of a perfect bus stop.

Lighting at Bus Stops
This article describes how we can improve lighting at bus stops to attract night patronage and improve safety and security.

Analysis of Movable Bus Stop Pads and How to Make Bus Stops More Accessible?
A review of research into movable bus stop pads an an examination of whether they can be used to improve compliance with the ADA act.

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