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Transit Internet Resources

Useful general links to bookmark. Note that links specific to other categories appear in those categories; for example, sites that have transit job listings appear in the Jobs category.

The site of the largest organization devoted to public transit in the United States.

Los Angeles Transportation Headlines
For people who live in Southern California, a handy site which provides current news about public transit in the Southern California area and the nation as a whole.

Mass Transit Magazine
Magazine devoted to the public transportation industry.

Human Transit
A very insightful and frequently updated blog written by a veteran transit consultant from Australia. Covers issues of general transit interest around the world.

The Transport Politic
An excellent blog covering issues of general transit interest.

Metro Magazine
Another magazine devoted to the public transit industry.

Steve Munro's Site
This is the site of Toronto transit blogger Steve Munro. Although it is mostly specific to Toronto transit issues, you should read it, since you would like your transit system to be as good as Toronto's.

Federal Transit Administration
Home page of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA)

Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Website of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Transportation Research Board
Homepage of the Transportation Research Board (TRB). The TRB published scholarly articles about a wide variety of transportation topics, include topics of interest to public transit professionals.

California Transit Association
The California Transit Association is a group composed of state transit systems and other agencies related to public transit; it's goal is to lobby governments at all levels for increased transit funding. It is a very good resource for updates on what is happening in transit in the state of California.

Transportation Nation
A relatively new transportation news site, Transportation Nation features all modes of transportation, not just buses. Transportation Nation is associated with National Public Radio.

Transit Toronto
A fan website dedicated to transit in the Toronto, Ontario region, Transit Toronto is a good resource for transit news in the "Golden Horseshoe" area.

The Antiplanner
According to the website, The Antiplanner is "dedicated to the sunset of government planning." I do not agree with much of what is discussed on this website, but it offers a necessary counter argument to liberal beliefs that more rail transit capital projects are the key to our traffic congestion blues.

Tramsworld is a relatively new site that provides up to date developments on trams, streetcars, and light rail around the world. The site also aims to provide a comprehensive listing of suppliers, products, and services for the light rail industry. At a later point it also aims to provide job listings.

National Transit Database
Visit the National Transit Database to get detailed statistics about almost all of the transit agencies in the United States, including service area population, daily ridership, annual ridership, number of buses in maximum service, a breakdown of finances, and other information.

TSA Status
At TSA Status, you can research the best ways to avoid getting molested and radiated by the Transportation Security Administration at American and International airports. Please keep it updated when you fly by filling out an entry so that others can benefit from it as well.

Similarly to the APA site, Planetizen is a site that features planning industry news and opinion, as well as an extensive jobs listing for planning (including transportation) jobs.

Sacaramento Regional Transit's Transit Glossary
A very exhaustive glossary of transit terms.

National Transit Database (NTD) Glossary
A glossary of terms used in the National Transit Database. Useful for people filling out NTD forms as well as people examining entries in the database itself.

Integrated National Transit Database Analysis
INTDAS, the Integrated National Transit Database Analysis system, combines National Transit Database data from all agencies who report to the NTD over more than a twenty-year period. The database allows for easy analysis across years and providers, something that would be very difficult to do with the traditional way of accessing NTD data. Registration and usage are free.

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