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Transit Technology

Transit technology is continuously evolving. Learn here about the current developments in software and hardware applications used by the industry.

Technology in Transit
An article reviewing how technology has made its mark in transit.

Impact of Mass Transit On the Environment
This article reviews the impact that mass transit has on the environment.

Transit Apps
A description of transit apps and a review of some of the more well-known ones.

How Will Self-Driving Cars Affect Public Transit and Public Transportation?
This article examines how self-driving cars could affect public transit and public transportation and concludes that while some demand for transit will be reduced, many current transit passengers will be too poor to take advantage of these new technologies and transit systems, by significantly reducing labor costs, will be able to rely on fewer...

Software Used in the Public Transit Profession: ArcView by ESRI
A quick overview of ESRI's Arc GIS products and how they are used in the public transit industry.

Software Used in the Public Transit Industry: Hastus by GIRO
This article provides a brief overview of the scheduling software used in the public transit industry and then focuses on Hastus by GIRO, and includes what kind of prices you are likely to pay for Hastus. It then finishes with a short discussion of what the future is likely to hold for scheduling software packages.

Automated Passenger Counting (APC) Systems: How Do They Work?
Automated Passenger Counting (APC) systems are revolutionizing the transit industry by providing much more information about ridership and on-time performance than has historically been available. Read about how they work here.

Compendium of Next Generation Surface Transportation Alternatives
Not just about public transit (although some of the non-public transit items could conceivably be used in public transit), this site keeps abreast of all the developments in new ways of moving about the surface of the earth. Includes information about Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), the Straddle Bus, and many other modes.

How AVL Works and How It Is Used in the Transit Industry
This article described how AVL (automatic vehicle location) works and how it is used in the transit industry.

The Hastus User Conference and Thoughts About Technology in Transit
In this article I relate my experience at the Hastus user conference and more broadly about technology in transit.

Eleven Most Useful Technologies for Transit Systems
From the Federal Transit Administration in conjunction with related groups, a list of the eleven most basic and useful technologies for transit systems to deploy. Fact sheets are currently being developed for each technology showing how for different kinds of transit (fixed route bus, ferry, demand response, etc.) these technologies can best be used.

Google Transit Partner Program
Learn here how your agency can become part of Google Transit and thereby allow users of Google Maps to plan trips using your transit system and to view your transit system stops on the map. In my opinion, Google Transit is the biggest innovation in transit in many years.

Home page of leading bus schedule software manufacturer GIRO

Site of the other leading manufacturer of transit scheduling software, Trapeze

Review of MTRAM Scheduling Software by Italy's M.A.I.O.R. Company
A review of MTRAM, the scheduling software solution created by Italy's M.A.I.O.R. corporation.

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